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Volga District Medical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency

The center was founded in 2001; since 2005 the center belongs to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency. Our mission is to help people stay healthy; for this, the most modern and safe technologies are used. Team spirit, scientific knowledge and special attention to each patient allow to achieve the best results in diagnosis and treatment.

Volga District Medical Center is a multidisciplinary medical institution:
- The main center (main hub) is located in Nizhny Novgorod (4 hospitals, 5 outpatient clinics and 2 consultative and diagnostic units);
- Center for Transplantation and Organ Donation;
- Mobile hospital;
- 6 branches located in 4 regions.



Key performance indicators:

The population served is over 63 thousand people. The center provides treatment for employees of 37 state organizations. Outpatient care is provided in 15 structural units. There are 650 beds in the center, the center annually provides medical care to more than 28 thousand people. We provide medical care to residents of 73 regions of Russia, as well as citizens of 11 foreign countries.
More than 2 thousand people work in the Volga District Medical Center, including 450 medical doctors of almost all specialties, more than 800 nurses, and the same number of service personnel. The Center annually performs 14 thousand surgical operations in 14 medical areas, of which more than 6 thousand interventions are classified as high-tech medical care.

The main directions of the provided medical care::

  • oncology;
  • cardiovascular surgery;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • endocrinology;
  • rheumatology.

Volga District Medical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency is a leader in the following clinical areas:

Organ transplantation

The center is one of the three medical institutions in Russia, where a pancreas transplantation was performed for the first time. This is the only institution in the Nizhny Novgorod region that regularly performs kidney and liver transplantations. The technology of laparoscopic organ harvesting has been introduced here. In total, since 2006, 435 transplantations have been performed, including 322 kidney, 108 - liver, 5 - pancreas transplantations. Two patients with liver transplants had healthy children.

Oncology, including interventional oncology

The Center provides comprehensive treatment of benign and malignant liver tumors. More than 150 liver resections are performed annually, which makes us one of the leaders in this area in Russia. The department of X-ray surgery annually performs more than 600 focal liver neoplasms chemoembolizations. Thus, the Center ranks second in Russia in terms of the number and quality of such interventions.


Annually, about 300 radical surgeries for bladder and prostate cancer are performed at the Center's urological clinic, which makes the Volga District Medical Center the leader in the federal district in the use of these treatments.


Neurosurgeons perform surgical interventions both for primary single brain tumors and for multiple cerebral metastases. The technology of intraoperative microsurgical fluoroscopy is used, which increases the radicality and safety of interventions. More than 500 such operations are performed on the basis of the Center annually, this is the highest number in the Volga Federal District.


The center was one of the first in the region to begin patient-oriented rehabilitation based on the international classification of functioning. On the basis of the Center, a method of using exoskeletons has been developed and implemented.










Science and education

On the basis of the Center there are 19 departments of the country's leading institutes and universities. The staff of the Center have extensive experience in research activities. In 2019, the Center received 5 grants and 2 patents for inventions. The Volga District Medical Center specialists have published over 100 scientific papers indexed in the international scientific citation databases Web of Science and Scopus; they made over 40 reports at various conferences, incl. abroad.

To improve the qualifications of nursing personnel, a corporate nursing university was created on the basis of the Center.

Volga District Medical Center also has a multidisciplinary expert group of the Attestation Commission of the FMBA of Russia for assigning qualification categories to medical and pharmaceutical workers.

Quality management

At the beginning of 2021, Volga District Medical Center is the first institution in the FMBA system that has successfully passed the voluntary certification of Roszdravnadzor, which has demonstrated compliance with state standards for quality and safety of medical activities. In addition, Volga District Medical Center was the first in the Nizhny Novgorod region to start using lean technologies / lean medicine.


1. Contact our organization with a request by e-mail in Russian or English, attaching scanned copies of available documents (medical reports, examination results, etc.).

2. Get our prior consent by email for the examination / treatment and the approximate cost of the package of services.

3. In response by e-mail, confirm your intention to come for examination / treatment. If necessary, you will receive an online consultation of our specialists in Russian or English using Skype, where you can ask additional questions. At this stage, the patient is assigned a personal manager (administrator) who will be in constant communication with the patient to resolve all issues that arise during the future visit. If necessary, the manager will also be ready to advise the patient on the logistics of the visit (travel to the place of receiving medical care, accommodation and meals).

4. You will receive from us the necessary documents to process your entry into the country (including visa support, if necessary) in order to receive medical care. Apply for an entry visa at the Russian consular office in the country of residence (for citizens of countries with which a visa regime is established).

5. Tell your personal manager the date and details of your arrival. Further steps are determined by a personal manager.

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